Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers? Why or Why Not?

Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers? Why or Why Not?

do jewish people have baby showers

Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers?

Learn the answer to the question: Do Jewish people have baby showers? Learn the reasons behind the reluctance of some Jews to embrace this American tradition.

While some communities cannot imagine a baby being born without a baby shower having been thrown, in some Jewish communities, baby showers are not the norm. In fact, some consider them to be taboo.

Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers? Why or Why Not?

There is no one answer to the question “do Jewish people have baby showers?” Some Jewish people do embrace this tradition while others do not. More conservative and traditional Jews shun the practice of throwing baby showers for expectant mothers. More liberal Jews, however, have embraced the practice. So, what are the reasons that some Jewish people do not have baby showers?

  • Draw dark spirits – Originally, the reason that some Jewish people did not have baby showers was because they thought the practice could draw the attention of “dark spirits” which could, ultimately, put their baby in harm’s way. While some Jews still adhere to this belief, most have more practical reasons for shunning baby showers.
  • In case of tragedy – Many Jewish parents – both liberal and conservative – do not decorate the nursery or buy any items for the baby until after he or she is born.  This was to avoid heartache or disappointment should the baby not survive delivery, as was much more common in the past than it is today.
  • To protect the feelings of couples who cannot have children – Finally, some Jewish people who do not have baby showers say the reason is to be sensitive to those who cannot have any children. They feel it could be painful for such couples to be forced to attend a shower.

Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers?: Alternatives

Some Jewish people that shun baby showers do have other ways to celebrate the impending birth of a baby.

  • Some have a small gathering honoring the mother. They usually do not bring baby gifts, but instead may offer gift cards or cash to the expectant mother.
  • Others simply buy baby gifts online or through the mail. They have them delivered to the parent’s house after the baby is born.

Do Jewish People Have Baby Showers?: What Else You Should Know

The most important thing that you should know is that many Jewish people DO have baby showers. As mentioned above, it is only the more conservative Jews that do not. Do not assume that because someone is Jewish that they do not want a baby shower. If you have a co-worker that is Jewish and want to know if she feels comfortable with a baby shower, the best thing to do is just ask her.

Do Jewish people have baby showers? Some do, and some do not. Since there is no one answer that is correct for everyone, it is best to ask should you be unsure.

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