Best Baby Shower Agendas for Moms to Be

Best Baby Shower Agendas for Moms to Be

baby shower agendas

Learn how to put together baby shower agendas even if you have been to a baby shower before. It’s easier than you think to plan a fabulous shower!

Baby shower agendas help you to keep the party flowing smoothly, and to make sure that you have enough time for all of the planned activities.

Sample Baby Shower Agendas

If you do not have any party planning experience, or have not attended many baby showers, then you might be at a loss as to how to develop a baby shower agenda. Below is an example of a simple baby shower agenda.

  • 10:30                  Guests Arrive
  • 10:45                  Guest of honor arrives
  • 10:45-11:15        Mingle, cocktails
  • 11:15-12:15         Seated for lunch
  • 12:00                  Game 1 during lunch
  • 12:15                   Plates cleared
  • 12:30                   Game 2
  • 1:00                     Game 3
  • 1:30                     Serve cake
  • 1:45                     Open Gifts
  • 2:15                     Guest of honor speech

You can add other items to your agenda based on what you have planned. Some suggestions are below.

Who Should Plan the Baby Shower Agendas

The baby shower should be planned by whoever is hosting the shower. If the hostess is unsure about what to include, she can get some help from the family members or a close friend of the guest of honor.

The agenda is not to be given out to guests or announced. It is simply a tool for the hostess and her helpers to use to be sure that the party moves along as planned.

Optional Items for Baby Shower Agendas

In addition to the basic items included on the above sample agenda, you can add other activities based on your preferences. Below are some examples.

  • Slide show of photos of the guest of honor
  • Speeches or toasts by those closest to the guest of honor
  • Additional (or fewer) games
  • Advice book – pass around a journal and have all of the moms in the room write a bit of advice. This can be done while other activities are going on.

Other Tips for Baby Shower Agendas

  • Watch the time – Be careful when allotting how much time you want to spend on each game or activity. If you are not sure how long each will take, it is better to guess a little over than under.
  • Be flexible – Do not expect the baby shower agenda to run totally on schedule. Again, baby shower agendas are simply a guide. If the timing is off, it’s not a big deal.
  • Know what to cut – Decide in advance which activity you will cut should you find that you are running way behind schedule.

When developing baby shower agendas, some hostesses like to leave more time just to mingle and visit. This is a personal preference. Of course, guests will be visiting throughout the shower, but if all of the guests are a close knit group of friends, then there is a chance that the agenda will get scrapped anyway.

Remember the point of the shower is to celebrate with the guest of honor, so just have fun!

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